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NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS: Please ensure that you list any Alts
you have added to the Guild, in your GP profile. ~ BrionyRH

MMO’s are supposed to be fun and challenging, and Irreverence is a guild that likes to promote both. As a group of people with a shared interest, we encourage a social atmosphere that caters for those who have limited time in game, as well as for those who are interested in rushing to endgame and running dungeons.

All play styles are accepted, whether your focus is mainly PvE, or if you have an interest in zone PvP and warfronts.

It is worthwhile noting, that while we’re far from the hardcore guilds, with officers yelling and screaming abuse at people over Ventrilo, we’re not interested in asshats trolling and causing drama.

We all want to chill out and blow some shit up, without the soap opera.

Guild News

Kill on sight

BrionyRH, Mar 31, 11 3:07 AM.
There are have relatively recent updates to the Guardian kill on sight list, so if you haven't had a look, please check it out.


BrionyRH, Mar 23, 11 9:41 PM.
A clean up of the guild will occur on Thursday 31st March 2011, to remove members who have joined the Guild Portal but not had any toons added to the guild in game, or, people who have not responded to the application thread but do have toons in the guild in game, or, people who have not listed their toons in their Guild Portal profile.

If you received mail from me, please note the action required and the above mentioned critical date.

This is necessary so that we have an accurate idea of how many active members the guild has.

If this is problematic for you, please to not hesitate to contact me.


BrionyRH, Mar 15, 11 9:37 PM.
No more thread post limits or nasty ads folks, we got a paid upgrade.

Expert rifts

Berserkerwulf01, Mar 14, 11 1:34 AM.
Irreverence was part of a group that got two server first raid rifts last night. Excellent work folks.

Launch and move success

Berserkerwulf01, Feb 25, 11 5:27 AM.
After a slightly frustrating time on Deepstrike, the move went off without a hitch. For any that havent joined up, feel free to whisper in game when you get over, guild is made and populating fast.

If you apply for membership on the Guild Portal it is important that you also send either Warwolf, Blondspaz or Sentogray an in game mail, so that we know who you are in game!
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